Day 2: Review of Welcome Materials from Second Life

A happy and hot June howdy to you! It’s been just gorgeous, lovely weather in London and I am quite stunned to realise it’s been so long since my last newbie update! Before I get totally swept away by summer’s charms, I wanted to finish off these thoughts about the early welcome emails from Linden Lab that newbies get in the first week. My review of the day one email material is here. Below I review my impressions about the day 2 emails I received in quick succession right after I joined Second Life.

Day 2 Materials: Shopping, Home Ownership and Finding Friends

Day 2 Welcome Kit

Day 2: Shopping… in French?

Day 2: Email: Get Started with Second Life Shopping. Cool, shopping! Something I understand! But oddly when I clicked the link in the email it went to a Second Life video about shopping all right, but… it is entirely in French audio (quoi?), complete with French subtexts! So needless to say I did not watch this video. Um, just to be totally clear…. I speak English. I signed up in English. Huh? Anyways, I go and get the shopping primer from my friend Becky instead.

Day 3 Welcome Materials

Day 2: Home ownership

Day 2: Email: Make Your Second Life Even Better.  I get an email all about something called a premium membership which seems to allow me to own a home along with some other random benefits that don’t make much sense to me. I cannot really even walk yet and I’m finding basics like dressing, fairly difficult. I think perhaps I will wait before getting involved in home ownership. I am no where even close to that headspace at the moment. Before I would consider upgrading, my order of operations include basic stuff like “Can I do this thing called Second Life? Should I even be here – does it appeal to me? How does the system work? What is this all about – why do people come here?”  There are too many things to learn already – I don’t want to consider that step yet, and I have no idea why I would even want a home.

Day 4 Welcome Materials

Day 2: Finding “like-minded” people

Day 2: Email: Find People Who Share Your Interests. This is intriguing! I would like to meet some people as it’s one of my main motivators for joining. Inside the email it says “Follow people who share your interests!” OK, so I check each one out in turn. The first suggested contact I click on is someone building a community for Greek People – alas I am not Greek.  The second person says “I love to help newbies (or not)” – well that is not all that encouraging! The third person I click on is called “NCI” – there is no explanation for what NCI stands for or why I might want to connect with them. (I later find out this is New Citizens Incorporated, but I didn’t realise it when I first clicked on this link). The fourth person they suggest is a cartoon dog with no bio info – I move on. The fifth person to connect with is a robot who uses French in their profile? What is that about?  Why does Second Life think I am French (or Greek)?

The verdict on the day 2 wave of emails?

I’m not feeling “gotten” in that I’m being offered stuff that is clearly not tailored for my needs. Regarding possible people to connect with, if this is the best on offer in terms of contacts “suitable for me”, then I’m guessing I’m not going to find many people to whom I have common interests! Luckily I already know someone in world, otherwise, this is not looking like something that is “for me”.

So during my first week I was not really feeling like I’d had any hand holding, and the information was all a bit obscure and non–personalised. I’m wondering “is this thing really something that makes sense for me?” I feel a bit rudderless and dependent on friends to help sort me out, otherwise I get the feeling it’s going to be a bit of a mission to figure this place out.

4 thoughts on “Day 2: Review of Welcome Materials from Second Life

  1. Hello Ella,

    I enjoyed reading your post about your early user experience. I can empathise with you! Linden Lab communication can be very, VERY poorly considered and executed, as you have already experienced. I know you already have some friends who you can lean on for support, but if you are seeking to reach out to additional residents, I would be happy to meet you to see if I can help provide suggestions and/or steer you toward any direction(s) that might appeal to you. I travel and report on the Second Life world frequently, so I am always discovering new people, places, and things. There is such a great variety to choose from. Finding your way to them, however, depends not only on the tools and resources that are offered, but also on your curiosity, ability, and effort to seek them out. I’m happy to share, so you’re more than welcome to tap into my experience if you think it might help you.

    Best wishes on enjoying more of your Second Life!
    Dahlia Jayaram

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    • Hi Dahlia,

      Thanks for your encouraging words and the generosity of your offer of help – I will most definitely take you up on that. That’s a great point about “you get out what you put in” – I totally agree that SL changes in proportion to the proactivity and resourcefulness you put into it. Many thanks for stopping by!


  2. I admit I had to laugh a bit. OK, I smiled. I do feel your pain though. Even after all these years, I still have to manually pick English as my language when updating the viewer, as it by default insists on me being Danish (While I am Dutch and live in The Netherlands, Dutch is never offered to me). Then again, we all know The Netherlands are a suburb of Copenhagen, right?
    Same happens to me with facebook by the way, I am afraid they all use weird systems to find your preference. As for suggested friends..I gave up on that. I once had my Alt have ‘caitlin tobias’ as an interest in his profile, yet they never put 1+1 together!

    I really enjoy your blog, it is refreshing and an eye opener! Thank you!

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    • Ha, now that’s funny and humbling. I just realised how insular and catered to I am inside my English-centric bubble. 🙂 I prickle at the mere whiff of other languages in my general vicinity (quelle horreur!) Thanks so much for your kind words – it means a lot to me!


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